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Who We Are

We are dedicated to helping people work with bailiffs to find a resolution. We have a team of expert advisors who specialise in council tax arrears and Bailiff enforcement matters.

We offer free, confidential advice to help you find a solution. We have over 10  years of experience in advising people on financial matters. Request a call back or if you’d prefer to speak to us, call our Helpline on 0161 359 7804. We’re open from Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm.


I just wanted to say thank you to every one that worked really hard to solve my problem, especially Paul. I was lucky to have your people here. I’m happy with the resolution. I can now stay on top of my bills and have sound sleep without worrying about bailiffs. Thank you.

Sandra, 24th March 2017

Helpful, caring and charitable. I would recommend to anyone that they speak to Council Tax Support Line in difficulty. Sorted my council tax debt and now I am at ease.

David, 5th January 2017

Thank you Council Tax Support Line for all your help. When Bailiffs knocked at my door, you were there to help me solve my debt problem. So grateful!

Stewart, 2nd November 2016

Bailiffs Advice

DO NOT Sign anything

Never sign anything a bailiff hands to you whatsoever. Receive free confidential support from our expert advisors. Receive free confidential support from our expert advisors.

DO NOT let them in

You are not obliged to let anyone into your home regardless of what they day.

Note that if you do allow a bailiff to enter your home, they may begin claiming your goods. Once you have allowed a bailiff peaceful entry once, they are permitted to re-enter when they return, so it is important to consider this. Even then, however, bailiffs can still take your car.

Forceful Entry

Many people are unaware that Bailiffs are not usually allowed to force entry into your home. The only other instance where they have permission to force entry is when the court has given them permission. Bailiffs and Enforcement Agents often claim they have this permission. In our experience they rarely have this. In order to deal with this situation effectively make sure you have had the appropriate Bailff advice

DO NOT be intimidated

Don’t feel you have to open the door to a Jacobs bailiff or enforcement agent, as you can always communicate with them through a chained door, a window or even the letterbox. This may sound extreme but, as much of our bailiff advice will tell you, it’s important to protect yourself first and foremost. As long as you have sought bailiff advice on anything you are unsure of, then a working understanding of the rules and restrictions will help you determine the best course of action.

Please visit our FAQ section for general council tax enquiries or contact our helpline on: 0161 359 7804

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Protect you family and your home. Let us help you solve your problem once and for all. Contact us today for free advice on how to deal with debt and avoid further action. Our advisers will call you at a time to suit you to provide help and support. There is absolutely no charge for this service. If you have been contacted by any of the below we can help you: